I am currently involved with HO Scale modeling as a family project.  I have found that this hobby has really enhanced "family time" and brought us all closer together. My main partner is my fiance's little girl (Skyler) who is 6 yrs old.  I am very suprised at the level of accuracy such a young child has to details in general.  The best example I have is scratchbuilding trees.  I have difficulty in identifying the trees I have built and painted compared to the ones she has built (I actually have to mark them to see who made what).  Needless to say I am very proud of the talent and patience shown by such a young child. 

     The main purpose of this thread is to discuss the more subtle safety precautions involved with HO scale modelling.  Obviously, all benchwork will be conducted by me, so no powertools for Skyler yet.  I want very much to keep her interested in this hobby and make it as fun as possible, as it affords so many ways to enhance being a family. 

  Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.