Basic portable set-up

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Basic portable set-up

  • Hi, I'm a 4H leader in California and I have about 5 boys ages10-12 in our model trains project who really want to put together a display for the county fair.  Any ideas on VERy basic portable set ups.  They are very excited but I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it. We did one last year with a4x8 plywood board and sawhorses. It was very heavy and barely got to the fairgrounds with all the stuff still on it.  Something happened in all the transporting and now we can't get it to run an engine no matter how much we clean or realign the track.  So we are starting back at the drawing board ... help! Thanks Westport 4H Train Project
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  • Well if a 4x8 is too bulky, go smaller, I'm building a G guage portable layout, thats only 3ft square!

    Its also intended to be easily portable, what it lacks in trackwork will be made up for in extra detail.

    Heres a suggestion for some inspairations for smaller more portable ideas.

    Scroll thru this site, I'm sure you'll find something your kids will want to build. Be sure to check out the scrapbook entries to see what others are doing, Good luck!

       Have fun with your trains