My name is Michael Knauf.

I'm looking for a staff member or two to run a model railroad program at a large summer camp in upstate new york. This is a start-up program, I'm looking for someone who loves trains and loves children to come up with a way to put the two together. Our campers run from 7 to 17 years old and come for 3, 6, 9, or 12 weeks.

The camp is the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts http://www.frenchwoods.com we offer an amazing array of activities in music, art, theater, dance, circus, sports, waterfront, horseback riding and more. Each child chooses their own activities based on what interests them most and we want to add model railroading into the mix.

If you can help me find the right person, or if you can direct me to someone who can, please contact me by email or phone. We offer a salary, assistance with transportation, and room and board (it's a live in position). Families may be accommodated.

Email: michael@frenchwoods.com
Phone 800-634-1703

Michael Knauf
French Woods