Funny Story

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Funny Story

  • One day a few years ago, I was at the local skatepark, which happens to have a fine view of the tracks. I was doing fine until some guy decides to annoy me by throwing rocks at the train. I call the police, and he gets taken away.

    Now for the odd part. I started talking to him a year later about something else, having no idea this is the guy I called the cops on. When I realized who he was, I thought it was pretty funny. Now he's my bass player/ drummer (I play guitar) and we are good friends.


    Call me crazy, but I LIKE Zito yellow. RAILFANESPEE4449
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  •    Proves the point that it is a smll world   Larry
    larry ackerman
  • proves enemies can become friends-------or the other way around(happened to me on both sides)
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!