hello all

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hello all

  • I have 14 years and I live in Serbia(Europe)

    I am crazy about trains-but now I want to make my railroad and that....

    I DONT Know where to start,what first to do and that?




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  • you should research you railroad and buy a few train ehgines cars and track then lay them out on a table you will build you will build your layout on and then try a few layout designs and choose the one that you like the most.
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  • Pick an era and scale (or at least scale) and stick with it. Trust me you save alot of money if you dont scale hop like some people (ME). If you want a scale representation of a specific prototype, then you should probably pick a specific time frame and location in which to model. If you just want trains, track, rudementary scenery, and dont really care about what's prototypical, then just get what you like (and can afford). Oh, and just a hint, the best way for any beginner to start his or her new empire is with a starter set. Several different model train companies offer a miriad of execellent starter sets that come with everything that you need to get your layout off the ground. Good luck and it is great to see more of my peers getting involved in this great hobby.

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