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kid involved???????

  • ED:but dont you think the child ,should be able to pick there own size guage/scale,i run my trains on a layout in train store,in puyallup,wash,full layout is 58 by 34 feet,someone is running every weekend,you see very little one maybe one or two that bring their trains and ask to run them,this layout is 3rail lionel(most),but we do run mth, k-line some 3rail, i dont know but it seems,that gradeschool kids are doing other thing these days,i GET Local,NMRA NEWSLETTER,WHICH COVERS ALL SCALES/GUAGES, AND I DONT READ OF MANY CHILDREN IN THEIR NEWS LETTER,I DONT THINK "NMRA" NAT'L,IS GEARED FOR CHILDERN,MAQYBE TRAINS .COM NEED TO RUN A SURVEY,ON HOW MANY CHILDERN ARE INVOLVED IN SOME FORM OF MODEL TRAINS/RAILROADING>>>>>VINCENT
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  • Vincent,

    Sorry, I have only a minute right now and this may be too short . . .

    Should kids be allowed to pick their own scale?
    I don't think this is an economic reality in my case. I have over $4000 in my choo-choos right now I believe; some of it is in the books which transcend scale, but most is in rolling stock and buildings. It took me about ten years to get all this stuff which works out to about 400/yr. My sons stuff is steam era and mine is deisel so his is definatly his. But we can use the same track which is easily one-third the investment. Also, we will get the most out of it by playing together and that means compatible stuff.
    I think your layout in the store is great, it just doesn't fit into my constraints.

    Is NMRA doing enough for Kids in Model Railroading?
    I think so because I don't know that they promised to serve that function. Kids will get into toy railroading by themselves. Model railroading will come to kids if an adult leads them to it. Heck, an adult led me to it! I believe getting people to the first step of model railroading isn't a challenge. The challenge is getting them to see that they can learn enough to climb the whole staircase.

    Sorry, got to go. Good Luck - Ed