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Tricks to help kids and you, IDEAS POSTED!

  • Greetings, I'm reletively new to trains and new to the boards but I have several ideas that I am working on with my local church train set up.

    I've had a little trouble with kids wanting to crank the speed up of the controlers to the point of derailing locos. I spoke to other modelers, and got a cool suggestion... really focus on "control" like set a golf tee on a flat car and challenge them to send it around the track without tipping over. Also exact stopping, say to pick up water at the water tower or getting the passenger cars right in front of the train station.

    I'm making train passess, for folks donating trains or houses and such I've created buisness card sized railroad passess as a special thank you. I know some adults even who kept them in their wallets.

    ALSO "Stock" certificates, for folks invested in working on the club railroad I'm making up little stock certificates. A kid getting a nice certificate of thanks with his name on it shows him you appreciate his work and efforts.

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  • i have an idea. even though i am 11 yrs. old i'm a great model railroader. i am also new to here is one i like to do very often. i put train cars on a siding and try to back the train up slowly enough to couple on to the train cars with out derailing HAPPY RAILROADING!!!
  • When I first started with my kids, I would set up a loop of track on the kitchen table. One son would control the system, the other would be the dispatcher, sitting on the other side of the loop. Both would have a cup of M and M's and they had to deliver various quantities to the other. For example 2 red ones in the UP hopper and 3 brown ones in the Wabash gondola. You can get quite creative and challenging with these things!

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