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Teen's corner

  • the first streetlight sounds kinda emo when it starts, but if you continue to listen, it is not at all as emo.



    the music is not what would be consitered jazz it is actuly called SKA

    LETS GO TIGERS! (clap, clap, clap clap clap )
  • ok, I may sound like an idiot, but emo=emotional, right?
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • oh, yeah and the videos didn't load. ***** youtube!!!!
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • :(


    LETS GO TIGERS! (clap, clap, clap clap clap )
  • More videos added on youtube
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Howdy fellas. Looks like this place is still goin stong. Those are some cool videos, I'll be sure to subscribe. I have a few of my own up on YouTube as well. Most of mine are hunting related though.

    Lionel collector, stuck in an N scaler's modelling space.

  • well, im back. i got a complete BDU(battle dress uniform), except a helment and weapons. course sawyer and alex(Guliford guy) know about that. btw redneck, friend invite will ya?
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Well, here is a little bit of eye candy: Just a route map of my fictional road. Oddly enough, it meets Sawyers railroad at Columbia, SC
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Happy New Year To All, I'm not necerilly a teen, I'm 11, but by tommorow or Saturday were going to our local lumber yard and buying 1x4s. Anyway, my youtube account is I'm building a 4x8 one of these days, I've been creative, and created my own railroad, Henderson Valley Lines, my prime mover is a Proto 2000 GP38-2 in Family Lines paint scheme, with Clinchfield reporting marks. I have two industries planed out on my layout, plus a team track. One industry is a lumber yard, the other is a Walthers Modulars Quality Investment Casting. My scenery will be made out of 1 inch foam insulation board. How bout I just give you a site,

    This post has come to you from Lewistown Pennsylvania!!!
  • Welcome.

    I like AFI Slipknot Weezer etc.

    Packers#1, in case you haven't realized yet, the RRredneck on this forum and NTRES is the same person Dunce

    Go NJT, NJ Transit, New Jersey Transit. Whatever you call it its good. See my pictures and videos here:
  • Hi Eric!  I like the UP too. I don't think that many teen's know what made this country, sweat, determanation, and the Union Pacific railroad! I AM ALSO A MODEL RAILROADER, HO scale. Hope to here from you some more!

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