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power pack

  • Today I bought some HO track from a yard sale that's in good condition. The part the you hook up the power pack to has to have a power pack with aligators clips and my power pack was made for Power-Loc track only. Anyways the question is, is it posible to get it to work on a piece that requires aligator clips? My guess is that it would be almost imposible if so i have to buy a new power pack right?
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  • I've never seen the type that REQUIRES alligator clips to hook up the power, however, many years ago there were some quick connect type terminal tracks that had, instead of screws to attach the wire, they had a spring loaded tab that you pushed down, inserted the wire through the hole in the side, then released the tab to hold the wire. Is this possibly the type you have?
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  • It might be but my dad's old O scale uses alligator clips. There are to metal bands that are sorta round sticking up.