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Thomas the Tank Engine

  • Has anyone yet tried to model the imaginary railroad system for Sodor Island using HO scale trains. My son (3 yo) is fanatical about Thomas the tank engine, and as family activity I'm looking into making a layout for us both to operate using the basics of the island.
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  • Rev. Awdry used to have a Thomas layout that he took to shows and ran at home. I think that the "Sodor" idea came a bit later in his life.
    There are lots of Thomas pieces available in HO.
    For an idea of how Sodor might look, check out the Isle of Man which is (supposedly) the next island over.
    I've never seen a layout that tried to follow the stories.


  • I'd pick a few scenes to focus on as there is no "prototype" to refer to. The Island (and its inhabitants) have evolved a lot since the books and my kids have no problem filling in gaps or putting storylines to the scene. Give Percy a shed, Gordon a station, Thomas a branch line and let the rest happen by itself.
    Got my own basement now; benchwork done but no trains, yet.
  • I belive the book with all the stories has a map.
  • that's the best idea i've heard in a long time.

    beats the heck out of point to point or loop running.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by The Duke

    I belive the book with all the stories has a map.

    Yeah i've got that book, had it for a decent number of years, and inside the front cover is a map with the Isle Of Man to the north-west

    Here you go[;)]

    These pictures are huge, even imageshack woudn't take them.
    Mr Aussie[alien]
  • hi all
    Better still try and find if you can a copy of the proper
    ordinance survey map that used to be avalable for the Isle of Sodor
    I think it might be on the web somewhere or at least a referance to it.
    Personal Opinion Only
    stick to the original story's not the mordern I bought the rights so i will do what I please with it rubi***hey cannot even get daisy the right colour.
    regards John
  • try this web site it's the offical web site
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  • Has anyone tried to combine two sets.  I have a roller coaster set and the gold mountain set.  I need to fit them on a NILO table and want to use all of the large pieces.  I don't mind if I don't use all of the tracks.  Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  • I have a different option for you, having already tried to introduce my 3 year old daughter to model trains.  I was not easy.  She wanted to grab them and make tunnels with her legs and all the things that kids should do with trains.  Unfortunately, my constantly telling her not to touch quickly killed her interest.  I couldn't find a way for her to play with my trains and not destroy them and my layout.  For me the perfect solution was the Lego Duplo train sets.  These have tracks that my daughter can lay buy herself, switch that she can easily operate and engines that run and, perhaps more importantly, can be dropped.  The ability to play with Duplo people at the same time make it all a bit more really for kids who like to role play.  And they do have Thomas the Tank Engine models.  The ability to quickly build and modify the tracks even gave me some ideas for my own small layout.  This is really a great toy. 

  • thomas is going to be a big part of our railroad soon.santa told me so.if matthew doesnt pout or cry.....

    stay safe


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  • Lego has trains that you can build. and ifm you drop them and they break they can be fixed! I have made one from scratch
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  • wasent there an origonal layout that the made the tv series on?
  • The TV show was shot on a series of sets that didn't connect.

    And if I know TV, they shot all the scenes at one location before putting it away and shooting the next location.


  • Yeah, it is quite  popular with kids over here as well, England, you need to keep an eye on the Hornby range, they do a large range of Thomas stock and accessories. The only problem you may have is that it is to the British 00 scale rather than HO, this makes it slighter larger but taking into consideration that Britain has a smaller loading gauge and smaller stock, the difference is not too much.

    There are a few really great OO/HO scale Sodor based layouts on the exhibition circuit so should be a few on the internet as well, try Googling it for ideas/examples.


    Best wishes and have a great Christmas.