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Kids' Exposure to Our Hobby.

  • I got my first look at serious model RRing because my elementary school had MR on its shelves. And my high school and public library, too. I don't see them there now. And I've looked.
    Used to be train sets were in toy stores. Don't see 'em now. How will kids recieve a set if they're not in toy stores?
    Train sets should all have some info pamphlet on realistic modeling. Something inspirational, plus maybe some simple project article or some hobby shop coupons.
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  • I agree if kids don't see the set they don't know what to think and thoughs sets that people do buy usually have horn hook couplers,plastic trucks, and break easily so if they do start they get so frustrated with things breaking and there goes the fun right out the window.

  • Ive posted a few times on this topic. Parents, Grandparents, and other family members need to introduce trains to childeren. If it was not for my Grandpa, I would not have had as much exposure to trains. It didn't hurt that my neighbor & childhood friend also had a dad who had an tinplate lionel layout in the basement! I take my 12 yr old sister to shows in town. I dont think she will get into the hobby...but then I see her pick up a little train charm. I guess we all have a slight intest for trains! :)
  • I know our state fair does and our county fair has a display layout.Why not start a train layout at your local fair.Kids love it.Matt did.
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  • When my 8 yr. old grandson was 1, I bought a glass top coffee table. I built a double oval N layout - with scenery- inside and covered it with 1/4" plexiglas. I put a simple on/off switch within easy reach and showed him how to turn it on. He could toddle over, switch it on, watch the trains, look at the animals, cars,etc, and turn it off. Now he goes into the train room on visits to see what is new on the layout and run the dcc engines.