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Rude residents call csx on me

  • She might be worried about his safety, as well as other cases, but, you're closer in a car at a crossing, so, what's the big deal with STANDING trackside?!


  • The main thing is that you were polite !
    Be careful and enjoy the TRAINS !!![ tup][tup]
  • QUOTE: I saw people walking on the tracks with their dogs, or just walking on them for no reason. People like that should get in trouble, railfans should not!

    I am ten,I may not know a lot,but how could they fine a kid?I bet the legal area to be by a RR yard is 30 shouldnt by a railyard unless youre by the end or crossing them, but not when youre walking in them.wish you a happy hallowen.GOD BLESS TRAINS
  • I still never got an answer to my Question did he get a ticket , or did anyone take down his I D. please respond glenn bob[bow][B)][?]
  • nope, i never got a ticket, but the lady did get talked to by the police i think.

    thanks for your consern,
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by AC6000CW

    my class mates thinks im just wasting my time with trains. do yall agree or disagree. oh by the way im just 15 feet from the csx railroad track on a country road in florida.

    So what exactly do your friends waste THEIR time doing that's so much better?

    Playing video games?
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  • most the kids in my school skateboard, but i dont like to follow the crowd, i just do my own thing[:D]

  • You know that's funny most old poeple do not want to live anywhere near the railroads tracks. I deliberately bought a house near the railroad cause I love the railroad. Unless anyone sees you doing anything which actually impedes or damages any railroad property than they should mind their own business.
  • thats exactly my point lol. It seems as if it were middle aged men doing that, he wouldn't honestly care. But seeing as how every other kid that goes down their vandalizes it, i seem to be the scape goat.

  • I'm 12 and I live right behind a Canadian National branch line. I often went to watch trains. However, I've never had a problem like this.

  • All I can add is this:

    If anyone, regardless of age, is railfanning properly and legally, and anyone, be it cops, security guards, residents, RR employees, fellow classmates, nosy busybodys, or whoever, gives you any hassles about it, PLEASE, try to maintain your courtesy at all times.  Let the other person(s) act hostile.  Do try to cooperate with officials and employees.  If they say you are in the wrong, ask exactly what it is you're doing wrong, sometimes RR property goes more than 50'; and I personally would ask where a good place to watch trains would be.  It would show cooperation on your part, willingness to follow the rules, respect for their authority (even if they may be overstepping thier "official" authority), and generally an effort to maintain good relations.  It also lets them know your purpose for being there, and that you do not want to pose a security risk.  It will help give all us railfans and modellers a better reputation, and with a good reputation, we may eventually get to enjoy the finer aspects of railfanning.  The last thing we need is a bad reputation for being rude railfans.


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  • the thing to do is become friends with a guy that owns property the the track is layed on, like my friend joe, he owns 400 acers, and tracks criss cross over the property, if csx or ns come, i have joes permission to be there, i just show them my papers and they leave me a lone, its fricking sweet,
    -mike A.K.A. Slappy B&LE: It ain't owned by CN, it owns CN!
  • Well I have never been in any real trouble with the railroads or the cops for doing such things. Course, I imagine that it helps when you know a number of the maitenance workers in town and when you have good friends in your local police department.

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  • I'm 13 too and have been nailed for stupid things like that, too. Man i hate that!!
  • What is the charge? You have to have broken a law or an ordinance in order to be fined.