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Train and track going around my son's room

  • My son loves trains, and as I've taken him on rides and bought him books and magazines I've started to become interested in the hobby. I have no experience with model trains. What I want to do is have train tracks go around my son's room. Because of a shortage of floor space I'd like the track to be attached to the wall at a right angle and go around the whole room, all 4 walls. The track would be supported by some kind of brace. Then I could paint the wall and add other effects. Anybody have any ideas on how to make this happen? Products? Tips? Thanks in advance....Mike
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  • My father and I actually did this when I was about 15 years old. We cut half inch plywood into one foot wide strips, and cut out corner shapes ("L" shape on two sides, to fit flush with the walls, and a quarter circle to match the inner radius of the track (plus a little oops room to spare)). We mounted everything above the door jambs and I stood on my bed to operate the layout - this avoided special lift out sections at doorways and windows, etc. - we were using large scale ("G") trains and it was easy to view/operate.

    Later I built a layout along one wall using book shelves and "briging" sections to get past windows.

    For my sons (7&4) I am building a layout in the basement (HO - Thomas the Tank Engine, etc.) This layout is an "L" shape that takes up surprisingly little room, but offers a lot of scenery (Barn, windmill, general store, station, turntable, roundhouse, bridge, tunnel, and roads for little cars, lego trucks, etc.
  • Once did similar in HO scale in a basement rec room - 30 feet of shelf with a return loop in the 'dog's room' and a turning Y at the other end. Used those grey stiffened metal brackets you get at any hardware store screwed into the wall studs to hold up 12" wide shelves, the return loop hung from the ceiling joists, the Y propped up with legs. Worked great!