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"It's in his blood"

  • My son is 3 and he loves trains. Come to think of it he has liked trains since he was 1.
    I remember this because when we would be stopped at train xings and trains would be going by he would squeal like a pig, it was very quite and very funny.
    He loves trains soooo much; it’s like looking back to when I was a kid.
    Only I dont remember being 3. So far he has Thomas and friends everything including almost every movie ever made and to include to his video collection he has "I love toy trains 1-12", a 12x12 ho layout. and Santa is bringing him a large 4x8 N scale layout. complete w/ 8 running locos, rolling stock, a roundhouse, turntable and all the bells and whistles. Funny thing is I have berily encouraged him to like trains.
    I think it’s in his blood. Its not just from my loins either his grandfather worked on the rails and his great grandfather as well so I think more so from his moms side of the family than mine. After x-mass we are turning a spare bedroom into
    "the train room" complete with HO and N scale I think I will enjoy it as much as he will. One last note, Out of all the train shows that I have ever been too and the ones I have taken my son to, I have never seen a boy of his age treat the venders with so much respect. I always have to tell some people which find the stuff there selling very valuable to relax; he will not break it! and he hasn’t either. They always look at me with disarray
    but the proof is in the pudding. And this is why he deserves what he has.

    I love my son "Caden"
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  • Hey Jefw that is an awesome Christmas present. I bet he will have fun and its great is is gentle with the trains. My 6 year old has the HO Thomas and calls it breakable Thomas. He is very careful with it and loves to make it work.

    I bet Dad likes the trains just a little also [:D][:D][:D][:D]

    Happy New Year

  • ''it's in his blood''.i would have to agree with that statement,a person no matter what gender has to be born with that particular hobbie in thier blood.i am an railroad as well as an aviation enthusiast,i was born with aviation in my blood,since i had my first plane ride from europe to canada when i came to canada from europe,i was so involved with aviation(mind you i still am)that when i was in my teens i joined the air cadets just for the pure enjoyment of aviation though i didn't become a pilotand as far as railroding goes,i think that a child should be taught to love trains just like before that bundle of joy arrives,and is still in the mother's womb,the unborn child could be read railroading stories,now i don't if what i am saying is correct,and i would appreciate if someone would tell me,thank you.
  • i kinda was the same with trains in my blood... my great-great-grandfather was an engineer for the Czar until the Russian revolution... plus model railroading has been in my family since my grandfater, who has O, HO, and N scale (I was able to get the HO and N scale trains... O went to my Uncle)
    Conrail Forever!
  • Although I have no dad, trains are in my blood. Believe mem, living in a house
    with three girls isn't encourging.
  • Here's the thing. My 18 year old son has been exposed to those trains since birth, he is into the trains, big time. For a few years now he kind of has kept it quiet since most of his high school classmates would kind of laugh about it. His true friends bring their younger brothers out so that they can see the trains run. We also invite families over to try to get other kids interested. Don't be affaid to let them play with the trains, do it together. I think that is part of the problem with the young kids, we don't let them play anymore. Another thing is that we as parents and grandparents have to give a little and become more patient, let them enjoy the hobby like we do and they will follow in our footsteps. I also have a 3 year old grandson, and yes, I'm doing the same thing with him. Boy do they ask a lot of questions at that age, I had forgotten. Take the time..
  • ya im in the same boat as your son. Im 12 and i have loved trains since i was his age. i have an uncle who was an engineer for norfolk southern in georgia and my grandfather loved trains and my great grandfather loved them too so i am born into it. my uncle has helped me build my first n scale and now im on my second n scale. he has so much to tell me and he has helped me through alot. tell your son said that he is gonna go somewhere with this someday tell him i said good luck.
  • It's in her blood too!
    My Granddaughter Hailey is 3 1/2 and has had trains since her 1st Christmas.
    USA Trains G Gauge CRI&P GP-7, ATSF reefer & Route Rock Bay window. WHen her brother Christopher was born I bought a Pre-war Chicago built Amer Flyer O passenger set, Rock Island 2-4-2, 2 coaches & an obs. Gramma Bev and I took them to Illinois Rwy Museum yesterday and had a blast. They loved the trolleys and rode behind the SP, SD-7 in old Rock commuter cars. We took lots of pix,and she even took 2 exps. Lil Toffer walked along side the stored steamers and had a look of awe I'd never seen. He's 1 1/2. When it was time to go she said she never wanted to leave.
    Anin't it great to be alive.
  • sounds small for the age but keep um interested
    I like NS but CSX has the B&O.
  • It is in the blood I have been modelrailroading and following trains all of my life and I have a four year old son and he is the same way wants to watch real and modle railroads run all the time. We are running N scale and it is Great.
  • well since i was 6 months old i liked trains and im only that i think of it since model trains came out my family has been collecting them . heck my great granpa worked as a freight engineer for nickel plate road after ww2Big Smile [:D]
  • railroading seems to be in all our blood if not we would not be here its the amount of power that you have with trains with a layout its youre own world that you own that you can master, no one dies, everyone seems to be happy and there all depending on you. thats why everyone seems to be happy with the hobby. p.s how do you hide a 4x8 layout?


    LETS GO TIGERS! (clap, clap, clap clap clap )