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Kids and Model railroading

  • My five year old son has been interested in "Trains" almost as long as he has been around. I can't think of any special reason why. He has gone through several cheap toy train sets and especially enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Now we are building our first HO layout together (I have been Model RR for 30 years or so, but never have finished a layout) and he really enjoys it. You can't imagine the various kinds of engines we run; from cheap toys that lay inside the rails to serious locos. It is fun for him and me. Encourage you children (both sexes) to model RR and you will have the time of your life watching them.
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  • My son likes trains as well but I know it is in part because I cultivate his intrest. He is only four, but we play trains anyway; usually with his wooden 'Thomas' set.

    I have already started building his first layout. I cut a 4 x 8 sheet in half and then put it back together using hinges. Later when I have more R/W I will take it apart and add a piece in the middle to make it larger. In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do to enhance a childs intrest in model railroading is to build a layout for them that permits multi-cab operation. In this way, they will be able to 'play' with you and later on their friends.

    Happy Modeling - Ed