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Getting my Grand children into Trains and a Newbie

  • I am tired of watching them having their faces focused at a TV screen playing video games LOL. I purchased on Tuesday the Lionel "The Scout". Thought it would be  good start for us to enjoy. 

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  • My grandfather got me started in layout building back in the 70's.  He would take me to his friend's house, whom had a full basement empire, for inspiration.  Then we would get started on our 4x8 (btw, this month's CTT has 4 nice track plans).  As for getting them away from the tv, I've never met a kid that wouldn't jump at the chance to learn how to use tools.

  • I wish I would have had that happen to me. Its not so much the TV, its the video games. Always have their eyes glued to that screen. I told them the other day I got them a train set and they seemed very excited, I am going to let them have that one  and I think this Grandpa is going to do do an HO scale for himself Yes

  • I recently completed a coffee table sized layout, where I combined a loop of Realtrax on the base level, and added a Bachmann HO loop of track above.  I jigsawed out a long viaduct using 3/4 inch plywood, and built the top level at 7 inches above.  The HO train traverses the viaduct for the front 2/5 in dramatic fashion, as the O gauge loop runs under the span.  From the little one's perspective, it looks pretty cool.

  • Do you have a pic of that?

  • I think my boy took some pics.  Will see if we can upload them.  Normally I take some bragin' shots, but I was busy trying to do several projects at once.

  • Turned out kinda cool.

  • That turned out really nice!!