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i'm new to model trains, any ideas for my layout.

  • This website has some good 4x8 track plans on it. i don't know how too get on to it, but i know if you type ho scale track plans into google they will come up.
  • Athearn makes alot of good locomotives and rolling stock as well as Kato. Spectrum is okay!

    For scenery and that kind of stuff, look into getting Walthers HO 2006 catalog!

    Hope that helps!

    Oh yeah, and Woodland Scenics is pretty good!!!
  • Nice pic and yes and read the topics and theres tons of books just go to a local book store and you can find lots books or have them order the book you need.

    Heres my site
    I like NS but CSX has the B&O.
  • well i have a 4by8 train table i think u shoud start with a oval and then add two with auta matic switches.thats wat i did i dont have money to buy more scenery
  • hey walter i checked out ur website its awsome:)
  • hey paul u got a cool set i have an amtrack 304 deisle train it lights (SHINY)
  • Oh and those people who saydon't go lifelike, i will say about the two locos i have, both trainset, that they are ok, they aren't great pullers, but they run well with 4 wagons, are reliabile, even after a few monthe, bachmann i can't comment on. A good track plan, aside from the ones i mentioned earlier, is the one i have now, a over aand under figure 8 with small yard, one half of the layout is town, the other yard/industries.

    hope this helps
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by mac 4884
    Kadee couplers are the #1 coupler on the market and are
    recomended by almost everyone.

    I second that, they are very good and I recomend them as well.
    Well worth investing in.[^]
  • general advice would be dont get too ambitious to start but try to allow ways of enlarging things later . personal experience is always have a solid baseboard and try to decide on a period and area be it atsf in 1950 or the isle of sodor in 1930 .wish you well with your efforts.
  • I don't want to be a party pooper, but I would have guessed that in 5 months he would have already at least started his layout. BTW, trainman, if you still read this, I wouldn't solder the track joints on your first can, but rembember to work slow and steady, to use only enough solder, and to file the joints down so there is no appearence of it being soldered.
  • For me I would get Life Like Power loc nickle-sliver, the track snaps together. I have a layout plan that I am currently using I am able to fit it in my room which is not the cleanest of rooms for a 13 year old. I have a number of them

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  • I'm basicly new too. I started modle railroading when i was 4, and now i'm 14. The best thing to do is get a cheap, low profile train, and buy track to your hearts content. It works well with me.
  • the best time to buy model trains is around the holidays that is when they are the cheepest. sales. I found a train set at the grocery store one time
    Maine Central rules! Lewiston High School Swimteam nickname: Loco Colby
  • I would reccommend against the cheap stuff... it will more likely than not cause you problems sooner than if you were to go and buy a really nice (read: expensive) locomotive. 

    Now, that isn't to say you have to buy a $750 BLI locomotive... just that you should be wary of the cheap stuff - nothing ruins the fun faster than something that doesn't work reliably.


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  •  trainman_1983 wrote:
    i'm new to model trains, and before i do any thing, i want some good ideas. anything to do with model trains in ho scale from scenry ideas to track plans is good THANKS FOR LOOKING , HAPPY RAILROADING Big Smile [:D]Smile [:)]Cool [8D]

    It all depends. There are several things to consider.


    Do you like point to point operation, continuous run, loop to loop, ect.

    Do you plan to do a lot of switching with your layout or are you just going to run trains.


    First off you have to have scenery of some kind.

    Is there a specific railroad that you like?

    What is your favorite era in railroading history?


    Do you want to use Digital Command Control or just regular Direct Current transformers?

    4. Size and space

    Do you have just one small corner or a whole house at your disposal for your layout?

    How much of the available space do you plan to use for the layout?


    Do you want to cram in as much action as possible with tiny N or Z scale trains or are you happy with just a basic loop of G scale track and a few buildings?

    There is no easy answer to you question. This is a hobby of creativity and enjoyment. You must decide what you want to accomplish with your layout. People can help you out with ideas and what not, but ultimately it is up to you to ask yourself and answer these questions.

    I hope that this helps you out with you first layout. Best of luck to you and may you continue on the tradition of the worlds greatest hobby.

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