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New Toy Train.

  • Hello, I just found this neat new train toy, its great for
    anyone who loves trains.

    Here is a direct link to the train:

    or to the front page:

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  • I'm not sure how we are defining "kids," but I built an N scale shelf layout in my 7 year old daughter's room. The shelf is is only 14 inches wide and runs along two walls giving her about 20 feet of railroad. It is a dog bone configuration with storage tracks in the loops hidden under hills. She just loves the thing and we did the scenery together. There is a small city in the center that makes a good setting for the two main lines. There is also a siding and a passenger station as she enjoys making-up passenger consists as much as she does freight. She still likes to run my HO 12 X 50 layout with me, but she proudly tells of her very own railroad.