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how do you get them un-interested?

  • Ok so we have HO, O, and G , not to mention a lot of Thomas/Brio, so what does he want for christmas - N scale Amtrak - with sidings and extra track of course!

    Pick a scale we already have dang it!


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  • In my experience, it's impossible

    Call me crazy, but I LIKE Zito yellow. RAILFANESPEE4449
  • Just get an Amtrak train in a scale you already have, I have lots of old HO with some N & O scale stuff laying around the house that my sisters kid allways manages to find and play with. Whenever he comes over he allways asks me where the "Geen Choo Choo" is (old HO Athearn Burlington Northern F7) or the "Onge Caa-booose" (O scale Lionel Lines caboose) so I just sit him down with the LGB starter set I got him a few months back and that shuts him right up hehe Big Smile [:D]

    Oh yeah he's only 2 and some change Tongue [:P]

  • Of course you can go NO (tried to make many spell NO-failed)
    Or you can say "pick one scale, AND ONLY ONE scale"
    i like N and G(the G layout I hope to have I hope I can build it very very big, as in 3000 by 1500 feet.
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  • Wait a few years, till they discover the opposite gender  Whistling [:-^]

       Have fun with your trains

  •  vsmith wrote:
    Wait a few years, till they discover the opposite gender  Whistling [:-^]


    lol too late! Cool [8D] but im still interested

    you could try getting him frustrated with a scale or 2 so he might become more interested in other scales? 

  •  vsmith wrote:
    Wait a few years, till they discover the opposite gender  Whistling [:-^]

    Which is the only thing with a remote chance of taking them out of the hobby! Even then, look at all of us! The chances can't be that good.

  • My mother and grandmother tried very hard to "break me" of trains.

    I was punished for mentioning or even playing with trains for a few years. 

    It did not work. I have branched off from HO scale, I now run N, HO, S, O, G, and 8 3/4" (Ride on train set).

    And about the other gender, well, I have got my wife hooked on trains as well.

    You can't beat a child into not liking trains. (such was the case with my mother, there is a fair police record of that) I would advise trying to steer the direction that the collection goes in if that is how you feel it should be done, but there is nothing wrong with multiple scales.

    So many scales, so many trains, so little time.....