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What size train?

  • i would like to have a train set that I can hang from ceiling,,but not sure what size// I thoulght maybe an o scale/?
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  • I would say o-guage.  It would probably be the best size and also a lot of the O-guage has sound systems.


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  • As Alex said, O guage is a good choice, but G gauge could also be a good Idea.

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  • Yeah ether O or G scale.  O guage has more feature though so it's a lot more interesting
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  • Our local library has a G scale around-the-walls layout, hung just below the ceiling.  It is a good size to be able to see from the floor and the kids love it.  I would recommend that over O scale if you have the room.
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  • Bachmann G scale is the best. It is cheap and reliable for this application.

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  • I would say O-gauge because It has a wide selection and has nice sounds.
  • I'd do G. You may not be able to find evry loco ever made but it means that you have the opertunity to scratchbuild some stuff, always fun. they come with sound, are reliable, and the olny recomendation would be use genteler curves than what starter sets come with. 
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