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rr help

  • i can't decide on what rr i want to do union pacific use to roll threw my town i kind of want to do the but steam dcc trains are more expensive the diesel so what should i do what rr do you think i should get i want to do coal and freight
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  • I can't understand what your dilemma is because of the way it is written. But I'll take a shot. From what I could read, you definately want to operate Union Pacific coal and freight trains  through a town on your layout. You are trying to decide whether to operate steam or diesel to pull your trains and steam locomotives w/ DCC cost more. I hope I got this right. Well, If you like steam, then save until you have enough money for the steam with DCC. If you can live without the steam engine, then buy the diesel. Either way, you'll have trains rumbling through your town in no time.