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HTML Test 2

  • I started work on my Stewart Industries HO Yard Servicing Facility Work Pit. (Cat. N. 213)

    The Box (Click image for larger view)

    I filed down the metal castings first to get them cleaned up a bit. Then I cemented the metal casting sides together with Goo and now they are drying in my magnetic gluing jig. I have six of these kits that will eventually make it into the bottom foundation of my 6-stall roundhouse.



    Contents (Click image for larger view)

    This is my first time working on a metal castings kit of this kind, so my learning curve is on the high upswing. The sides and ends of the pit are all metal castings as are the two ladders, the floor is wood, and there are two HO scale code 100 track sections for each side of the pit.



    Filing (Click image for larger view)



    Applying cement (Click image for larger view)



    Setting the pieces (Click image for larger view)




    I have a taken these few photos and I will post more of them as I progress through the first kit, taking notes too for future reference.


    Any other tips or tricks with working with metal castings would be great!

    Ryan Boudreaux
    The Piedmont Division
    Modeling The Southern Railway, Norfolk & Western & Norfolk Southern in HO during the merger era
    Cajun Chef Ryan

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  • looks like you are doing it right great  job


                         south carolina