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img and /img

  • Why is it that every time I print in the above I get a red x ? I am having trouble in trying to post a picture with the above on either end of what I am trying to do. Where is this icon ? I see it on the list below the smiles of faces in dark black print. How do you move it to you text?
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  • Because you must use: [ ] in [image] in your text. With "NO" spaces.

  • [img*] [/img*]

    This is the way it should look, but be sure to remove the asterisks that I have inserted in the image tags so you can see what the code looks like.
  • Okay, let's see if this picture thingie works.  (My first post since the change.)


    Looked okay in the preview.  Wonder if it adds on to felixg's post or will mine be separate.  Hard to tell where one post ends and another begins.

    Had trouble getting re-registered.  Still not cleared up to MY satisfaction.  Two e-mails have gone unanswered so far.  Not too good, as far as I'm concerned.

    Darrell, quiet...for now

    Darrell, quiet...for now
  • Let me try this.


    did it work


    Later Bill

    If You Don't know where your going, Any Road will Take you There.
    1. Testing listing items.....
    2. listing items again
    3. listing pictures..
    4. I think I can list another picture..........the end ....Felix
    1. this should be a better copy
    2. hope this comes out good
    3. lisit starter
  • i want to try it

  • Smile [:)]Sign - Oops [#oops]  12345678   [img]
  • Sign - Oops [#oops]...........[img]