Can I Post?

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Can I Post?

  • I have tries to post a couple of times with no success - this is simply to se if it will go through.

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  • FYI there is  Forum Testing forum just for this purpose.



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  • Butlerhawk

    I have tries to post a couple of times with no success - this is simply to see if it will go through.


    1) Apparently you can as this message posted OK.

    2) It appears to me that you have already posted a number of times as the Post Count under your Avatar indicates 136 Posts. If you are having a problem, make sure that you are Logged In before you try to enter a posting.

    Blue Flamer.

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  • Blue Flamer,

    Butler tried posting recently but his posts came up blank; probably as a result of upgrading to IE 9.  It appears that he has remedied that by clicking the torn paper icon to the right of the URL box at the top of the page so that his browser runs an emulated version of IE 8.


    It's working now, Butler.  FYI: You could go back and edit your original posts in those two threads.  Just click the More V button, on the right-hand side of your original post then click Edit.  Add your test then click Post button.


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  • Well, let's see if this new version will let me post once again.

  • Airborne!!!!!  It looks like we're back in action!