This is how Flickr wants me to post the URL:

<a href="" title="tracks33 by bob-m1211, on Flickr"><img src="" width="1024" height="736" alt="tracks33" /></a>

If I use the green icon above, this is what happens:

Layout 33


Try that again:

Nothing seems to work with the green icon. I'll try editing the first attempt: 


OK, that works, sortof. If you copy and paste in your browser. I'll try putting it in the green icon:

Doing that just erases the url I tried to insert in the green thing. Not much good.


"" width="1024" height="736" alt="tracks33" /

About the only thing that works is what I have been doing: copying the url of the jpeg into the green icon:

Guess I can't really satisfy Flickr's desire to have me use the elaborate address they recommend. Not really a problem.