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When I insert an image it always displays the link to click to open, how to automatically display picture?

  • Here is my inserted image, a nice link to click on but I want the image to be displayed without having to click on the link, like everyone elses images.


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  • BTW, I am using Google Photos as the source.

  • If you go to the General Discussion part of the Model Railroader forum, there is a description of how to post photos.

    I use the free program, which allows free hosting and provides the codes.  There are also other free hosting sites for photos.

    York1 John       

  • BTW, when I clicked on your link, I still could not see the photo.

    York1 John       

  • Thanks for the reply. I did follow the photo guide to insert the image link; and when I click on the link it opens the image on the Google Photos web page. Don't know why no image shows for you.

    I went to the Imgur web page to sign-up but they want my phone number.  I already get more then10 marketing calls a day and don't want any more. 

    There must be some way of getting the Google Photos link to show the picture automatically?

  • You were able to open the photo because it's your photo.  Others may not be able to open it unless you make the photo public.

    I don't know why imgur asked for a phone number.  I can't remember is they did when I opened an account, but I know I've never gotten any calls or messages from them.

    I'm not an expert on Google photos, but I would guess there's a way to give a photo public permission to view.

    York1 John       

  • Thanks for your assistance. You are correct Google Photos is the problem. Public photos on Google Photos means you can make "public" to anyone you like on your contact list. Linked photos will not open unless the person opening them is in your contact list. Not the definition of the word "public" I was taught  but that does seem to fit with Google. 

    I gave Imgur my phone number and will use them (hopefully they will not sell it). Below is a photo of my layout in progress from Imgur:

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Nice photo of your layout!

    I hope you will continue to post to some of the threads here.  On the Model Railroader forum, there's several that are interesting.

    The Weekend Photo Fun is a good one to post photos of your layout.  It is for all skill levels, and the posters there are all very supportive.

    Another one is the Jeffries Diner, where it's more of a general fun thread.

    We all love photos of layouts, so I hope you can continue to show us more.

    York1 John