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Old Member - Linking Photos

  • Just posting this photo to test photo linking in these posts. Long ago (about 8 years) I was using Photobucket.  Now trying Google Photos using a link.

    Let me know if you can see this picture.



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  • Cannot see link or picture myself - so answered my own question/post!


  • Here is a link where you can test posting.
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  • Stop testing, it's not going to work with Google.  You may transiently see a picture as if it worked, but it won't stick. 

    Try or 

    I find the BBLink (bulletin board from the early internet days) copied and directly pasted with Control V is the easiest way


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  • Thanks you Mel. Good to have a test mode.


  • Thanks Henry. I'll give each a shot. Simplest is best.


  • I did not see anything but did you look here first?



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