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Where to post a question like this?

  • New to the forums, and before jumping into them and possibly annoying folks, just want to ask here in the testing section if anyone might steer me in the right location to ask about a photo that appeared in a Trains magazine years ago, between 1978 and 1984 or so.  Big range of years, I realize.  But it was in the "Photo Section" (I think) and showed a couple of kids on bicycles, along with a caption that was something similar to this:  "Take a ride down to the tracks on one of those soft June evenings when it doesn't get dark until nine."   I have a keen interest in tracking this photo down, and if anyone could help provide which issue of Trains this photo appeared in I'd be so grateful.  But I'm a little afraid to ask in the general forum on the Train forum, although I see nowhere else where it would be appropriate.

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  • This is probably an excellent place to ask the question. No I don't remember.

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  • Since the question is about the content of Trains Magazine, Post the question in the Trains Magazine General Discussion. However, since not everyone goes regularly to every forum, if there is no answer in about a week, repost in in the Model Railroader General Discussion. (say in the text that it is a repost) Those two forums are the most active.

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