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There are no paragraphs now.

  • There are no paragraphs now. I can click return and press the space bar as often as possible. The Paragraphs and the tab indentions are all eliminated. Why are there so many problems?

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  • Leading spaces and tabs have always been removed when the posting is submitted.  You need to highlight the part of the text you want to indent and use the tool in the tool bar at the top of the edit text box.  The tool is about the middle of the 2nd row and is hard to describe in words!  ummmm... There are two of them that are near identical... they are supposed to represent lines of text and a imaginary left margin marker.  To the left of that marker is an arrow (in blue) that is pointing to the left in one icon and to the right in the other.  Click the one with the arrow to the right to indent and the one pointing to the left to undo an indent.

    Lets see if it works for me before I post woids that might be silly!

    This should be indented twice and the line above indented once.

    This was indented twice and then reselected and returned to indented once

    This was indented twice and then reselected and undone twice.

    Hey! guessed at how to do it and I was right!  Geeked


    Now, what do you mean by "click return"?  Do you mean typing the "Enter" key?  Seems to work for me.  So I wonder if you have some setting that has gotten confused.  I need to look around at the various settings that trains dot com presents to see if one of them might be the culprit.  Otherwise, it could your computer has some conflicting setting in the browser or operating system, or even some bug or damaged file that is causing you a problem.

    I will ask again here what I asked in the other posting.  What kind of computer are you using?  What operating system?  What browser?  What anti-malware?  if you cannot get it to work, knowing those things might help people figure out what might be the problem.


    Semper Vaporo


  • I meant enter. There is no longer a tool bar visible for me to use. The software is Microsoft Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. The computer is an Acer AX3950-U3022. Norton Security Scan has barged its way in during an update. I am considering if I need to delete it.

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  • On the right hand side of most Trains dot com pages (not all, but most!) you will find a box about the 2nd one down that has your user name at the top.  Below that are two links in red typeface: "Manage Profile" and "Community Settings".


    Click on Community Settings and you will get a page that has three tabs near the top: "Basic Options", "Advanced Options" and "Email".  Click on "Advanced Options" and the page will change to several settings one of which (2nd from the top) "Content Editor"... make sure it is set to "Enhanced".

    Then be sure to scroll to the bottom and click the "Save" button.


    See if that cures the problem.  (Hope hope!)

    Semper Vaporo


  • Every box is checked and still the tool bar is not activated. Internet Explorer 11 might not be compatible with the Trains Forums.

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  • I am running IE-11 and things seem fine.  I wonder if you need to have "Compatibility Mode" set.


    Click the "Gear" icon in the upper right corner and select "Compatibility View Settings" and in the dialog box that appears, add "Trains . com" (without the spaces!) to the list and see what happens.

    Semper Vaporo


  • I did not change anything.


    The tool bars have reappeared and the paragraphs have returned.


    Thank you.




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  • I am NOT disputing that 'you' did not change anything... BUT...

    Recognize that my mind is not what it never was to begin with, but I seem to think that you have altered your Avitar.

    "Well, what does that have to do with toolbars and paragraphing?" I hear you express in frustrated disbelief of my impudence!

    To you and me, as mere humanoids, they should not be related, but to computers, it is possible that by accessing one item, it can affect some other item because they are both in one database.

    If, per chance, some disk sector of the Trains server got clobbered and some bits were altered, but not such that error flags were raised, it is possible that some of those bits caused the loss of the tool bar or the ability to paragraph things.

    Then you make a change to some other part of the database of things all about you, and the system then has to write that data to the database.  You called up the page of settings, and altered one item (your avatar) and then saved it.  That may cause more than just the avatar to be written back to the database, it may include things that you did not touch, and things that may not have even been presented to you to be able to change.

    Remember that old adage of the Right hand not knowing what the Left hand is doing?  That kind of fits here.  It is "possible" that the part of the software that presents the edit window to you will believe that you don't want a tool bar or to do paragraphing... well... not so much 'believe', as just allows that to happen, based on bits in the database. 

    But the part of the software that presents how you want things to be configured, might very well be set to always write the bits to the database that you are to get the tool bar and do paragraphing.  So... when you changed your avatar, that portion wrote the "correct" (?) default bits back to the database, overwriting the scrambled bits and "miraculously" things got fixed and "you didn't change anything".

    How the bits got scrambled in the 1st place is a whole 'nuther subject I could expound upon with several silly anecdotes about it from my past experience with computers.  The explanations could range from the surreal (cosmic rays) to the ridiculous (human typos), and I have seen them all and a few more!  Suffice it to say that my best explanation is an adage of my own, thought up many years ago...


    Computers are neither smart nor dumb... They are just plain MEAN!


    In any case, I am glad it is back to working better for you.


    Semper Vaporo


  • Semper, thanks! for the advice, which helped me, too.  It's great to see the tool bar again, and space,