Whats your favorite loco?

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Whats your favorite loco?

  • Hey everyone, I want to know what your favorite locomotive is....

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  • Chessie System GP-38 3802, (csx number 2002)
  • Conrail SD80MAC's Man they're BEASTS!
  • My favorite first generation loco is theFP7.Favorite second generation,SD45.Favorite cowl unit,F45 Favorite steam engineGS4.But my all time favorite engine is the GG1[:)][:D][8D][:p]
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  • Diesel : SD45 , Steam : Prr Q2 4-4-6-4 & Prr T1 4-4-4-4, Electric : Prr GG1 & E44a , Experimentals : Prr S2 6-8-6 & NW " Jawn Henry" C+C+C+C-C+C+C+C Steam/Electric [:D]
  • Steam: New Haven I-5, 4-6-4 and PRR T1, 4-4-4-4, Diesel: any Baldwin Shark. The Passenger sharks drove many an engineer to drink with engine fires, oil and coolant leaks but in later years, the freight versions were lovable luggers.
  • SteamGS4 diseial unknow. No electric[;)]
  • F-7 (love the classic look) or a GG1 (large and powerful) or a F40.
  • Hummmm, I have two in the Stream Dept: 1st the Shays for off main line service, and main line I would go with the Challengers.
    Desels would be EMD's DD40's, saw these at work on the Blues Moutains in Oregon, and if you saw four or five of these heading a train at a crossing , you mite as well shut the car engine off and count cars go by (150 to 200) and wait for what they use to call a caboose (miss seeing them ! )
  • Steam: NYC 4-8-2

    Diesel: GP30 and SD45

    Electric: GG1

    work safe
  • Consolidation 2-8-0 Class H-3. The pride of the LA&S RR
  • SantaFe passenger f-units (the classic look as someone previously noted) followed by the SD45 and the FP45 (a good fit with the Super Chief/El Cap). Steam - UP844
  • Steam- Big Boy

    Diesel- SD-45

    Electric- GG-1
  • Member name says it all.
  • NKP 2-8-4 #759.