For Big Boy fans, some PIC and better have cable.

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For Big Boy fans, some PIC and better have cable.

  •  Today I was doing some research (Ok looking at PIC's) on the Big Boy and found out some tip bits about the B B. PIC of 4015 wrecked, B B could ne be converted to oil, one of the reasons UP never restored one of the monsters. Seems it needed more burners to heat the fuel oil. UP all so stated there where only two spots they could turn around a B B and they where with in 2 miles of each other. Hum they can turn around a 4-6-6-4 but not a 4-8-8-4?

     OK tons of band wieth wasted and let the PIC begain.






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  • Nice coillection of Photos....  You have been busy amigo! 


    Never even knew one of those was in a wreck.  That must have been one heck a mess.

    Best Regards, Big John

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  •  I was on the net for around 3 hours reading up on the Big Boys and its little brother. I hope to see the real deal this coming week.

     Does anyone know what happened to old 4009? I am sure that it was made into 1960's bumpers for cars. I wonder why Athearn made a model of it?

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  • The last picture looks like a BB painted GREEN.(Just need to slap a GN Logo on the tender :) ) The BB that derailed is # 4005. Here is the complete story.  I go se her about once a month, still finding parts yet seen by me.

  •  bb4884 I was on the link I just got the numbers wrong.


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  • This is kinda off topic but, does anyone know why Union Pacific did not install multiple buners in the firebox of 4005? 
  •  I wonder the samething, did the Challanger have more than one burner or was it the shape of the Big Boy fire box that stopped them?


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  • Actually there is little difference in the fireboxes


    Challenger  :          Length: 187-1/32 in.
                               Width: 108-3/16 in.


    Cannot find Exact measurements on the BB Firebox but they are very similar in shape. Here is a picture:


    With my crude measurements, I figure the BB's firebox is around  248.5"


     Huge Picture of Firebox:



  • Cool pix, Ken.  Oops, is that a copyrighted name?

    Would you provide me with a URL to the cab view, pls?