Favorate scale

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Favorate scale

  • My personal favorate is HO scale trains.
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  • I guess for me it would have to be HO because that what i got started with. When I was a kid i think it was impossible to find train sets in stores other that HO? But today i think there is way more available for HO than any other scale. I find though to have a large layout, one with respectable curve radius and yard capacity HO is a little on the big side if you have a moderate size house. N scale is too small for me.
  • In Vain, I looked for 1:1 scale... my favorite model scale is 9mm cause I'll never have enough space to put my favorite 1/4 miles into a layout, oh, just to be able to model the Los Angeles, San Gabriel and/or Santa Anna Rivers full scale before they got concrete sides all the way to the ocean. How do I cram LA to Long Beach and to Fontana into any reasonable space in just a few parts.
  • I've got trains in HO, S, O, Standard gauge and G scale. I think I like O gauge the best, though.
  • G as Gee these thing are big and hefty.

    I like them because they are easier to work on with my two left thumbs.

       Have fun with your trains

  • O is my favorite scale. Of the scales that I own, it is the easiest to put on the rails.
    And it gives me the most enjoyment!
  • My favorite scale? Simple: 1 to 1.

    I model in HO and N, but would switch to indoor G standard gauge if that part of the hobby would support 1940-1950 mainline superpower (that didn't look like tinplate), and if I had the room (a 60x110 pole barm would be nice...)

    Ray Breyer

    Modeling the NKP's Peoria Division, circa 1943

  • I'm mostly into HO scale. Had a basement layout but moved to an apartment. I Have some of the track and buildings and only two locomotives! (Building In progress... Maybe a 7x10 layout possible!)
  • Ok who forgot to put "S" Gaugage on the List!!! I don't know about you but when I work in "S" I sure don't need tweezers and a Magnifying glass to do any work on my layout ! I doesnt cost as much as Lionel or LGB and the one last thing, BACHMAN never made any of it!![soapbox]
  • I like HO scale. I started in HO when I received a train set for Christmas when I was about 4 years old.
  • Hi All; I'm new here, as of this morning. I prefer 027, or 0 scale. All but two of my locos are Marx post war, purchased off e-bay. A couple of reasons for the Marx. #1) PRICE!!! I think that the most I've paid for a locomotive is $39.00 for the #333. I have a couple of #999's, a couple of #666's, a #1666, a #490, a #591, and am awaiting the arrival of A&B units of the #21 diesel. Just getting started on my layout. #2) Easy to work on.
  • My favorite scale has gotta be HO scale. N is to small to have fun, O is expensive, and MTH is so unrealistic.
  • My favorite is HO. I model HO, but my first train set was Lionel O27. I like to place this set around the Christmas tree each year.
  • My favorite is HO because it's not expensive and it's small
  • You listed 1/50????? And forgot 1/64?????? SHAME on you!

    S scale rules! Perfect size to work with!!