I'm jumping into this forum as an "outsider"; not an actual trail buff, but a woodcarver who has a project planned involving the RR concepts. I just completed a large (relatively) 12"x24"x3" relief carvng of the old Ashland ,WI Soo Line depot. The building burned down in 2000 and I managed to secure several pieces of the original timbers from the 1897 construction. The first carving was of the depot as was built in 1897.

Now I'd like to do another in a similar section of beam, portraying the venerable Class "G" 2-10-0 Decapod that served the line for so long. What I'd like is an obliqe view of an engine/tender with maybe an old Pullman in tow, coming in fron the right. It would be great to find one with a heavy belch of smoke from the stack, and maybe even steam from the steam box, but that I could add in on my final sketch.

I have several photos of old #950 as she sits under roof in Ashland, but the darn thing is surrounded by a wrought iron fence, so the wheels and such are obscured!

I'll be leaving for the hunting camp later today so if I don't get back here for a couple weeks, I'm not being rude, just gone!

Thanks for any help I can get.

Al Archie email aarchie@myvine.com
Bessemer, MI