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David Voss -- H E L P

  • David, Hello [:)]

    You might have been asked this in the past. If so, I apologize. I know there are also better places to ask this but considering the problem need to do so here.

    This morning I am having great difficulity in getting to Trains.com. Once there it is taking 4 to 5 minutes (sometimes more) to go from one page to the next. This is not an exaggeration as I have actually timed it. I am not having this problem getting TO any other website or WHILE there. This is not the only time I have had this problem but it is the worst. Therefore, I don't believe it is my computer. Also while in MSN Messenger chat others have said they were having problems getting on the Trains.com site. So, is the problem with my computer, with the Trains.com website, or somewhere in between. Is this a problem that can easily be fixed? If so, what do we do?

    I do know others have had this problem. It nows seems to be getting worse. Why? I am using standard dial-up and the connection speed is usually 46,000 to 48,000. This is about standard in my area. Any light you can shed on this problem would be greately appreciated.

    Thank you in advance. [:)]
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  • I had difficulty this a.m. also as did Jim. And I also have had some problems off and on the last few days. Just thought I would add my experience also.
    Nance 69 and Bob from AZ
  • David, are you there, knock . . . knock [:)]

    I have not had that problem since Monday. But it was very time consuming then. What is / was the problem? Any ideas. It will happen again. It always does. So what can I do when it happens to help? It doesn't happen elsewhere, just at the trains.com site.
  • David [:p]

    Still no answer. [B)] Please give us some info that might help. [^]

    Thanks [8D]
  • Oh, wow...this was posted Monday. [:I]

    To be honest, I haven't been on the site since the weekend. I've been busy working on projects for a couple of other sites. I tend to bounce around between many of our sites. For future reference, If a couple days go by and you don't get a response from me, then either email me (use the little email icon) or contact Erik and he'll let me know. [:)]

    In regards to your question.

    Monday, we were having some trouble in the morning. There was some maintenance work being done and some equipment was being swapped out. Well someone "accidentally" turned off the wrong machine and it caused a few problems. [xx(]

    This morning, our network engineers were working on our firewalls and there were some problems. So there may have been some weird stuff going on for a couple of hours. I'm not sure if they're completely done or if they'll be working on it again tomorrow.

    Besides the above, things should be normal.