Photography spots...

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Photography spots...

  • Am visiting Charlotte NC in October along with a trip up into WV. Can anyone recommend good photo spots around Charlotte along with where I can get freight working timetables so i do not miss out on any good shots. please reply here or to
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  • Gavin [:)]


    I know you will enjoy them. It is a good place most of the time. I highly recomment the Stupid Question Thread

    This link will take you to page 9. You can start there or go all the way back to page 1 if you like. It is funny and entertaining AND will can learn a bunch from this thread.

    Sometimes things in one forum may not make sense. But then later you will run across something in another thread and if you put the two together then it will make sense. Some of us jump from thread to thread and we know each other from making alot of posts. There are also a lot of email flying back and forth. So sometimes you have to read alot of stuff to keep up with our comments and jokes.

    Feel free to email me anytime. [:)]