844 0r 3985

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844 0r 3985

  • Which is Union Pacific's better Steam Engine?
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  • 844.

  • Riding on a 17 car train over Altamont behind the challenger, with NO diesels([:)])is flat out awesome[:D][8D][:p]!!!
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • HOW CAN ANYONE CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like ANY steam engine that is operating!
  • I am not a huge steam fan, but I'll go with 3985.
  • Most of these polls are moronic but this has to be the stupidest one yet. Sort of like asking which do you like best, your mother or father? Which is prettier, sunrises or sunsets? Which do you prefer, brown cows with white spots or white cows with black spots?

    Both engines are beauties and represent the epitome of steam locomotive design and development.!! Any steamer still operating today from a Shay to a Challenger is a most wonderous sight , a living, breathing mechanical wonder that inspires nostalgia for the days when steam was king.
  • 3985 by far & LARGE !!!!! >>>> With big Steve at the throttle.

    Y6bs evergreen in my mind