BNSF Railway's New Logo.

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BNSF Railway's New Logo.

  • Now that the BNSF Railway has finaly come out with it's NEW Logo.
    I have heard nothing but complaints so far and even though the NEW logo now means a change face lift for the Big Railway.
    Even though you don't like the new logo,or you do! Will you stil be a BNSF fan? Or will you now go away far from the BNSF forever? I would like to hear your thought's.
    I personaly like the NEW change! And yes the H! & H2 are still very nice indeed! But look at it this way,If you where in charge, What would you do to improve you RR? I mean I don't like the Union Pacific Railroad at all,I hate the UP but you don't hear me complaining about them because complaining get's me no where. So please! Be truthfull. What do you realy think about the New BNSF Railway's Logo.
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  • I enjoyed the "Cascade Green" scheme better. If BNSF was going for a "Speed Letter" scheme, then I'd go with DRGW.
    Regards Gary
  • I have in front of me a picture of BNSF 4883, taken by the Mudchicken [tup]. This scheme has at least a hint of the warbonnet heritage, and the bold serif letters on the side are also reminiscent of Santa Fe. Why mess with that great combination of orange, yellow, and black[?] The only thing missing from the new scheme is a Home Depot logo [tdn]. I enjoy seeing the occasional BNSF loco roll thru town on the old B&O, and I suppose it will be fun to see the new paint, but I like the old one better.
    long, long, short, long. Thumbs Up
  • Ok I admit it, I hate the new design and deleation of the cigar bands.
    SP the way it was in S scale
  • Its not the best, and its not the worse.
  • Its OK??
  • Although I'm a UP fan, I think they should have kept a good balance between the H1 and H2 schemes. Such as keep some of the locos in the H1 scheme and some in the H2 scheme. The H1 looks more like the BN scheme especially in the front which they used on their SD70Ms and the H2 looks more like the ATSF scheme mostly from the front also. Both those schemes kept some of that old heritage from the railroads.
  • Lets just say I'd take almost anything over that.
  • i like it, professional looking.
  • I haven't seen the new logo, but will be on the lookout for a photo. Years ago in my youth I often rode the GN's Empire Builder from Chicago to Pasco, Washington. Really liked the Big Sky Blue but never saw a Builder live, just in pictures. Cascade Green was OK after the merger, and the earlier SFBN logo was a throwback to the old GN days with a touch of Santa Fe. Anything that has continuity with the past would please me. I won't know how I feel about the new logo until I see it. I did like the previous one.
  • It ain't all that bad. BUTT! The cigar bands still have to go. That's why I voted H1, AND SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU. And may I take just a moment to pontificate that the American Flag emblazoned on the flanks of UP locomotives is the greatest thing to happen to railroad esthetics since the dawn of civilization, no matter how many of you consider them anathema? (That was a long sentence)
  • I read in the new issue of Trains Magazine that the logo on the engines will remain the same. That sounds good to me. What others do (like BNSF's choice of a new logo) is always of some interest, but it is their call! I have calls of my own to make! Blessings on our Easter journey.
  • I finally saw the new scheme,with yellow lettering,Saturday night.It looks good,but the scheme with black lettering sucks[:(!]!
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  • I admit, I like it. Its new and snazzy looking.

    Please dont flog me to bad.

    John k

    Best Regards, Big John

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  • I've read in other threads where the railroads could care less about paint, and that if it weren't for rust...and so on.
    I think it's great that a big road cares enough about its image that it invests in an expensive and complicated paint scheme.
    How long it lasts is anyones guess though.
    Due to service demands, and yes, apathetic employees, it won't be long before we see some of these new units running around with warbonnet side panels.