favorite railroad

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favorite railroad

  • whats up y'all i was just wondering what your favorite railroad is hope to hear about this soon
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  • BNSF is my favorite. More so the Santa Fe side though!!
  • The Friendly Southern Pacific[:p]!!!
    Ride Amtrak. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool.
  • Check my SIG line for a hint.
    "Paul [Kossart] - The CB&Q Guy" [In Illinois] ~ Modeling the CB&Q and its fictional 'Illiniwek River-Subdivision-Branch Line' in the 1960's. ~
  • I like Penn Central. I wish it was still around[:(].
  • My favorite is Most favortie Modern Day railroad is the Wisconsin & Southern, a regional railroad operating in Southern WI, as the name implies. I ahve sever fallen flag favorites, with the tops being:

    1-tied, Green Bay and Western, bridge railroad in Central Wisconsin, and the Hillsboro and Northeastern, a shortline that operated from the early 1900's to the late 1980's in Central WI. It was only a 6 mile line, that connected with the CNW.
    and number 2: The Wisconsin Central, a regional now part of the CN.

  • mine is the c&o .iam modeling the w. virginia coal ,lumber region which is still in the works
  • My favorite railroad is the IHBRR, which is headquartered in Hammond, In. It has 5 yards that I know of: 1) is the Gibson Yard in Hammond, In; 2 is the Blue Island Yard in Riverdale, Il; 3 is the Alsip Yard (which is basically for switching cars in and out of the industries in Alsip, Il). 4) is the Argo Yard at 63rd and Archer Ave, in Summit, Il. I think they got their name from the fact that they are to the northeast of Argo Corn Products. 5) Yard 5 is Norpaul in Melrose Park, Il. ralph zimmer n9kym@aol.com
  • Fallen Flag favorite the awesome FRISCO which was a modern railroad with an old time down home flair.

    Today's favorite the KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN the progressive, profitable baby of the Class I's with its Southern Belle business train in 1950 colors.
  • I liked Southern Pacific the best.
    Regards Gary
  • I'll also have to go with Southern Pacific. Sure miss you SP...

  • my favorute of all time is definitly norfolk southern. I live where they run ns and i love them. every time i see one of those badboys approaching a grade crossing i snap a picture of it and put it in my photo album. also i really like guilford rail system and cp rail.
  • BNSF
  • My favorite railroad then and now,is NYC(includes the Michigan Central and the Big Four) and now it is UP and BNSF.
  • I wish I lived in a different area of the country, but since I do not, I will say I equally like the 3 I have around here CSX, Norfolk Southern, Wheeling & Lake Erie.