"Will other railroads shift interchange away from Chicago? This isn't a new trend: BNSF and the pre-Conrail Norfolk Southern switched their interchange to Galesburg, Ill., using Toledo, Peoria & Western haulage, following the BNSF combination."

Nothing personal, but whoever wrote that should have done some more research. The interchange point was Peoria (specifically, East Peoria), not Galesburg. TP&W provided haulage services for BNSF, not NS (as implied by the above). Since TP&W provided haulage services for BNSF, the rate division point was Peoria. In addition to TP&W's train, BNSF ran a Peoria turn daily out of Galesburg to handle interchange traffic to and from NS. TP&W only got involved because P&PU had too much business and too little time to be separating NS traffic for BNSF and non-NS traffic for TP&W. Peoria - Galesburg saw two mixed freights in each direction most days from early 1996 to June 1999.

Though TRAINS' history here is a little mixed up, granted NS haulage rights to reach Galesburg might not be such a bad idea!