Hi all,

I have been using the new website for a few days now and here is my thoughts so far:

I like that all the publications is now in one site but I dont like what i feel is a waste of screen space everywhere... 

It appears that every block of text, image or video is padded with a frame with generous borders. And often similar items is grouped in another frame adding another border. This often reduces the space for the actual content. Is all that white space necessary?

Example from PC screen Here the image could be larger and the framing tighter i think.

Secondly when reading a magazine online from the archive on phone, tablet or PC i get similar borders around the pages even in "full screen" view on PC. On PC it is not a big deal but on the smaller screens on phone and tablet it a waste of space.

I would like a "scroll" read function where the page is made to fit in width or height to the screen limit and then i can gently move the magazine up/down or sideways while i read. Crossing seamlessly to the next page without a need to "jump". As if it was one long paper roll.

Thirdly i miss the functionality to watch a video series as a flow (binge watching) When one video is done i get auto play of something completely different...

Yours Mikkel