Colors and Us

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Colors and Us

  • Hi Ya'll:

        I have been looking for a while for paint for a car remark project. For many years I have been frustrated here in The TEXAS hill country with a shortage of a certain color. Missouri Pacific Eagle Blue ! Believe me I have tried many colors.M.M.Vallejo, A.K.Interactive etc. Went to my local Hobby Lobby and found the color. No it's not M.M.

         It's Testors, little bottle Bright Blue Number 1110. I know many of you probably knew this, But Model Trains have NOT been part of my life for many years. When I did it the Go To was Floquil, Remember them? Any way under U.V.and Normal Light tests, it is the correct color for anyone wanting to take the Colorado Eagle and create the Texas or Arkansas Eagle!

         Just wanted to let you know. I have been concentrating on H.O.scale Ships and Buildings for quite a few years now. Getting back into the trains proper is a real treat!

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  • One thing I learned as a kid - when using ACTUAL railroad paint on HO and other models, the actual paint doesn't look 'right'.  Generally it is much darker when applied to models that it is when it is applied to 1:1 scale equipment.

    My father was a officer of a Class 1 during my childhood and had access to a number of things from his employer.

    Never too old to have a happy childhood!