Lionel Polar Express Dilemma

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Lionel Polar Express Dilemma

  • Longing for a simpler time, I recently set up an HO slot car set up which I thought my boys would enjoy.  In deference to my 4 year old, I included a circuit of HO scale train track (Bachmann EZ-Track) running elevated above the cars.  Originally my son wanted Thomas, but now he's enamored with Polar Express so I purchased the Lionel Ho gauge 2-8-4 Berkshire Polar Express locomotive and tender.  This engine has a very long wheel base and although Lionel says it can handle 18" radius curves, it constantly went off the track at the curves.  So I re-worked the layout with 22" radius curves and the engine still goes off the track.  My worry is that Lionel trains run best on Lionel track, but I'm hoping that isn't the case and there's some easy fix that is escaping me in my naivete!  I hope someone out these who reads this forum can give me some insights, THX!

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  • Welcome.

    I assumed you did not read through all the forums.

    You should post in the Model Railroader forums.

    There are three under that heading. Go look.


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  • Thx for the direction Rich!  Is there a way to search the forums or do I just need to go page by page??  THX!