Historical plan and articles?

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Historical plan and articles?

  • Does anyone know if there has been a complete listing of the E.L. Moore articles on structures?  

    For that matter is there a complete listing of the old RMC Frary/Hayden kitbashing and structure reviews?  Since Tony Koester now is working for MR, maybe he could obtain and publish either of these.  

    Either or both would make great books. 

    While i realize that materials and techniques have changed over the years, they could easily be adapted to today's. 

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  • James Lowe compiled a list of E. L. Moore articles in his blog "30 Squares of Ontario". 


    He's got a ton of stuff on E. L. Moore, published, unpublished, long-lost, personal letters, recent color photos of original buildings, old never-seen photos, etc.  THE place on the Internet for E. L. Moore fans.  AND an original hand-drawn track plan from his Elizabeth Valley RR.   Find it all here:


    You're welcome!