I see things have changed a little since 1960. I have some of it figured out so far. What I am going to do is run a ho around the top of my wood shop on wall brackets. The layout will be 24' x 28' rectangle. The track will be level except where it will dip a few inches to clear the dust collection main line, run about 12' then rise again. Track bed and supports are easy enough, corners will be somewhere between 24" to 32" radius. 3' sections of flex track will be used, a buss main with feeders on every 3' piece of track. It will be a dc layout. What I would like to do is have the engine automatically slow down through the curves then speed back up. I know about the circuitron as-1 but the amperage rating seems a little weak. Can a decent dc-dc adjustable buck converter be used to supply reduced voltage to the isolated sections of track? Thanks.