50th POST AND A STAR!!!!!!!!!

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50th POST AND A STAR!!!!!!!!!

  • This is my 50TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WITH THAT I GET A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • GO 3RR2! U R MI BESTEST BUD TO DE END OF TIME! I remember how happy I was when I got me own first star, still got it. How many posts do ya hafta have to get 2 stars?
  • Congratulations,3RR2, I remember how great it felt to get my first star.Keep it up and you will get many more!
    comfterbullEd: 50=1 star, 100=2, 500=3, 1000=4, 2000=5.
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  • Welcome to the star club. One small piece of advice, however. Just have fun posting on this forum and consider stars a bonus. Don't get caught up in meaningless posting just to improve your stars. Have fun and see ya 'round.


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  • With so many people at 5 stars, they need something else after 4000.

    A Crown or something.
  • Congrats 3rr2, keep it up.
  • Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll be getting many more stars before long!!!!!!!!
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by macguy

    With so many people at 5 stars, they need something else after 4000.

    A Crown or something.

    No crown for me, just give me a nice Alco. [:)]

    Congrats 3rr2 [:D]

    Remember what Ron said, don't get caught up in the starts. [;)]

    Just post, have fun, learn some and teach some, and all will be fine. [:)]
  • Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!