Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 9: June 7, 2004

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Trackside with Erik and Mike, Vol. 9: June 7, 2004

  • In our new online feature, Trackside with Erik and Mike, staff members Erik Bergstrom and Mike Yuhas go trackside and share with you their results, as well as what they’ve learned. In each installment, we’ll include let our users vote on who got the best shot. Read this week’s installment.
    Erik Bergstrom
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  • Sheesh, Bergie, where did you dig up that picture of me? For the record, I don't look anything like that now. Remaining hair is much lighter colored.
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  • I like photo 3. You may not be able to see the CP unit that well, but the exhaust coming out of that BNSF unit is cool!
  • I didn't like any of them to be honest.
  • I like 3 as can see more of the cp units.they shoul put no clearance on the viaducts here in Defiance for the semi trucks.
    stay safe

    Deshler Ohio-crossroads of the B&O Matt eats your fries.YUM! Clinton st viaduct undefeated against too tall trucks!!!(voted to be called the "Clinton St. can opener").


  • I voted for number 1 for a number reasons, two of which are silly. The CP units reminded reminded me of my minature dachshund on a scent in tall (3 inch) grass. And the no clearance, for what? Brakeman on a tall step ladder? Still something about the detail and perspective swung my vote. With the minority 9 weeks in a row!

    Got my REBEL yesterday. Yeah!!! WSOR hasn't made a run up through Delavan yet, but just wait. Bergie, thanks for all the tips. Mike, maybe that lets you up the rate to NIKON???


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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by dougal

    I didn't like any of them to be honest.

    Mike [|)]
    Erik Bergstrom
  • I liked Number 1, as it showed other areas of the yard and that it was a working yard with the green switcher in the background.
  • I voted number 3...can't even give you a good reason! I kept flipping back and forth between the three photos...couldn't decide whether I liked 1 or 2 better, so voted for #3.!
  • I voted #3 since the lighting looked better, although number 1 was a close second due to the trackwork - very interesting! I just wi***he locomotive and more of the background under the bridge were visible - good shot considering the bright lighting from behind.
  • You're right, there are distractions in all three. But I voted for 1. I like the pattern of the tracks. There is enough of the BNSF locos visible to see without the distraction of the exhaust, and I know what the undercarriage of the CP locos looks like. Too bad that green BN loco wasn't under the bridge too. That would've been like the Triple Crown (or something).
  • Photo 3 was good, but the exhaust is a big distraction, IMHO.
  • I voted for 3, but could just as easily voted for number 1. Three gives a better perspective of both the CP and BNSF motive power, but almost loses the drama of the "crossing". Number one IMHO, gives the greatest emphasis to the crossing and I also like the effect of the flowing patterns of the tracks.
  • I like Number 1. It gives the best ambient feeling of where you are. The zoom effect on the tracks is also interesting.
  • I liked #3 because I think it was the best overall view. Besides, I LIKE exhaust, but even more so when it's nice and black and coming from an Alco!