The turth about my age, and a few other things.

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The turth about my age, and a few other things.

  • Don't be shocked, but I am really 13. I have never revealed that. As you read this post, you may think "Man, does he know a lot about railroading for his age," and I really do. I am not bragging, but I have really noticed that most kids my age that are interested in trains don't know the difference from an SD40-2 and an F7A. All they can say is: "It's just a train." But in my school, there are plenty of kids that think "trains suck!" They are only interested in cars because "They can go anywhere and they can race." They are right, but would you really be able to drive off the side of a road in a car without getting arrested? Or would you really be able to race a sedan like a Nascar? Give me a break! I don't understand them sometimes.
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  • Kyle [:)]

    We have some intelligent young people in the forums. I don't want to name names because I surely would leave someone out and hurt their feelings. But age doesn't matter when you enjoy the hobby of railfanning or modeling because we all like the same things.

    Some of the younger ones are as knowledgeable or more so than some of the older ones. Glad to have you aboard. Share the things you do know and don't be afraid to ask questions in areas when you would like an answer. [:)]

  • Nothing matters on the internet, it's just everyone contributing what they can.

    Happy to have you, and everyone else partaking, the more the diversity the better!
  • Ya know what? i'm only 10 and i've been here since 2001. Do the math on that. Back then I new what a CF7 was. Alot of kids say trains suck too. Well
    I say [censored] them!
  • Well, I'm 11, and as far as the people I know go, they just don't know anything about trains.They seem interested though: Whenever I bring in train magazines in for something to do after finishing schoolwork, I have 2 or 3 kids reading over my shoulder. And I have a few adult friends who enjoy the hobby, including Jim, who I met at my church.

    When kids become teens, they start worshiping automobiles, something I don't think I'll ever understand. You've put up some great points Kyle. [:)]
  • My little step-brother is only 7 years old and he goes ape crazy over UP's 844&3985.
    Course I blame myself now because almost every day he talks about UP 3985&844.
    Im the only one who got him started and im now 30.
    If the UP3985 comes to omaha again Im sure ill take him to see it then it will be one Question after another.
    Id hate to see what happens when the UP844 when it ever comes.
    I always seem to here those famous words "big brother is that the crank rod"?
    Im the one one who got him started so I have to try to answer as many Questions as I can.
    So to all of you little young one's out there don't let others bother you,just enjoy what your intrested in,I know my little brother will. He loves trains.BNSFfan.
  • Well I have all of you beat! I'm only 3 months old, I'm off the bottle, can type,( and read of course!), know my way around the net fairly well, and know enough about trains to be dangerous! I still ask questions, though, and need to be burped at times.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by toyomantrains

    Well I have all of you beat! I'm only 3 months old, I'm off the bottle, can type,( and read of course!), know my way around the net fairly well, and know enough about trains to be dangerous! I still ask questions, though, and need to be burped at times.

    Only 3 months and you joined in sep '02..... something's not adding up here.
  • [(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D][(-D]
  • I'm 17 right now. Other than here on the forums, I have yet to meet someone else my age who loves trains. As far as what my peers think of my love of trains, well, I'm not ridiculed about it or anything, but I know that most must think that I'm absolutely insane or something, but that's their problem. When people at school have heard me rattle on about trains (which must seem like a foreign language to them, even if I consider it to be basic knowledge), they wonder how I could possibly know so much about trains-never mind the fact that many guys I know could go on just the same about cars or whatever.
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhato the 3 month old einstien. Congratulations on passing retard(lollollollollol)school now you can go to Sr.Retard School.(Just Kidding)
  • I suspect I have the 'record' for the youngest person to request their own subscription to Trains Magazine, rather than
    having a railfan parent buy it for them. (Does Kalmbach keep subscription records back to the '60s?)

    I learned to love trains early -- I remember RS3s on the Northern Railroad of New Jersey commuter trains in Erie paint,
    and somewhere have home movies of my cab ride on CNJ RSDs when I was four. (Throttle worked fine, but I couldn't
    move the air-brake handle and didn't like the loud noise in the cab when I did!)

    I, too, had the problem in high school of being considered something of a 'Choo-choo Charlie', but didn't much care
    about people who seriously thought that way. (As my mother-in-law now says, "it's not your business to educate the
    ignorant"!) On the other hand, revenge though not intended was particularly sweet.

    I went to private prep school, and one of the principal emphases of the curriculum was success on the Advanced
    Placement tests. Finally, came the day we took the English AP. It hadn't been more than 20 minutes or so into the
    test before I thought I heard my name being mentioned. Then I heard it again -- people were muttering about me.
    Not in a very friendly way. What was this? -- I couldn't figure it out for a while. Then I finished the first parts of the
    test and went on to the very important essay question -- the principal thing that governed success on this test that
    represented a key part of getting into the Right Sort Of College. And what to my wondering eyes did appear?

    To paraphrase the question: "Discuss the role of the American railroads in influencing American literature."

    Shut 'em all right up about the usefulness of railfanning, it did!

    "Good lord, you guys do know how to take the fun out of something."

    - Ed Kapuscinski, RyPN, 10/9/2014

  • OK-OK...a little clarification (such a big word for an infant!) I was actually in a test-tube and frozen in Sept '02 but my mad engineers appropriately signed me up ahead of time so I could have a higher post count when I could actually start typing (learned that @ 1 month)
    And yes, I attended both schools- valedictorian of the first and constant penance of the second.
    I'm 3 1/2 now and just recieved my acceptance letter from UP.
    Watch for me in the cab of a loco near you!
  • Hey toymantrains
    Did that really happen,and tell the truth please.[?][:)][:D][8D][:p][8D][:D][:)]
  • Well I am only 12, (turning 13 in Sept) and what i think it just matters how mature someone acts. It dosnt really matter how old/young someone is. A lot of railfans say I act very mature for my age.[:)]