50th Anniversary Iron Horse Rambles CD

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50th Anniversary Iron Horse Rambles CD

  • Hello.  I apologize in advance if this has been posted in the wrong place.  I am not familiar with these forums and tried to find the most General forum to post in, in absence of a "Questions about the Magazine" forum.

     I am posting a question in regards to an ad found on page 7 of the Winter 2009 issue of the Classic Trains Magazine.  The ad is for a 2 CD audio recording of the "50th Anniversary Iron Horse Rambles".  This CD set was tops on my father's Christmas wish list this year and I really wanted to get it for him.  However, I have run into a problem.

     The website selling the CD set,( www.semaphorerecords.com ) does not have the CD listed anywhere on their website, nor is it among the CDs they currently have for sale.  I have tried contacting them to ask about the CD set and whether it had sold out (the ad did say "limited run" ) or something but I have not heard anything back from them in over a week.  I do not feel comfortable sending a check or money order to a company that is not replying back to me, nor without any information as to whether the CD is still being sold or not.

     I was wondering if any on this forum could help me locate this CD set to buy (or download even as I am not adverse to buying MP3s online) for my father, or, at least give me some info as to whether or not the set ever existed/was sold.  I would really really like to get this CD set for my father if at all possible and I will truly appreciate any and all information and help.

     Thanks very much in advance, and my apologies again if I've posted in the wrong place.

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  • I checked their website and you are correct: they don't list it. Perhaps you could contact Classic Trains Magazine and see if they know what's going on? Here is a link to a form you fill out and they should contact you with what they know.

    Request advertising information and market research information.

    Good luck!