Another nebie question here.

I recently went to the Wise Ave Firehouse Train Garden in MD. It's a beautiful display.

Anyway, several of the dept 56 items were animated in one of two ways. For instance a figure would move from side-to-side or front-to-back. It was a continuous sliding motion, such as a dog going out and coming back in a dog house. The second is a round-and-round circular motion. An example would be a John Deere tractor going in a circle.

I'm relatively certain I could do these additions; only question is where to buy the small motors. Any ideas on some web sites or retail stores?

Secondly, on the platform is an animated 1/43 MD State Police Car with flashing lights, headlights, and tailights. It's unlike anything I've seen....really really wild. Any ideas on where I can get these made or from anyone who sells these products? One of the gentleman there said it was purchased at the York, PA TCA meet, but that's all the info he could give me.

Again, thanks for all your help in advance. Happy New Year.