[8D]Some of you may remember the old B&O Chessie System passenger
train and their motto (Sleep Like A Kitten) that meant A good night sleep back then better than AMTRAK Sleepliners I know A good motto for AMTRAK
Die In Your Sleepliner taken from (ride in our sleepliner)
A very old AMTRAK slogan fron the late 70's The Super Chief's Were Quite
from what my dad said he rode one back in 1956 from Chicago To Dallas
Then Took A L&A from Dallas to Shreveport And then KCS Southern Belle to
New Orleans And A Southern Railway To Birmingham Ala
He says It Was worth It To See The south by train Total trip fare $47.00 estimate
compare to AMTRAK today estimate $150.00 - $200.00 W/sleeper